BrewDoo Beer Concept Designed and Illustrated by Jeff Koromi, from Vernon, New Jersey. Victim Brand illustrations by Illustrator and Art Director Jeff Koromi, from North New Jersey. Logo Design and Character Illustration by Jeff Koromi, a North New Jersey illustrator, art director and graphic designer. Cimquest's "The Perfect Prototype" Event Promotion Design by NJ based graphic designer, art director and Illustrator Jeff Koromi. Branding design work for Mountain Creek Resorts by Jeff Koromi, a New Jersey based Art Director, Illustrator and Designer. Mountain Creek Bike Park Identity and Branding by Jeff Koromi, a New Jersey Art Director. SLIDER-C Spot illustration created by Jeff Koromi for Murray Design and ADP Poster Designed for the New Jersey Beer and Food Festival at Crystal Springs Resort by Jeff Koromi Portrait of Adult Actress & Tumblr Celeb Mini Perla by Jeff Koromi
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